Docty llegó para revolucionar la atención médica profesional.

We take care of the ones you love the most ¡Anywhere, anytime!

Docty came to revolutionize healthcare in Colombia. Meet the largest digital hospital in the country.

Docty community

Docty offers an innovative telemedicine service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all its patients.


Teleconsultation with specialists willing to meet the needs of patients with a safe and close solution, focused on the well-being of families


We provide assistance at home. Our nurses are able to take tests and collect information at home to improve diagnoses.


This is the largest digital hospital in the country. We have a network of partners to offer comprehensive services at all stages of care, diagnosis and treatment.

The digital health era

Docty uses artificial intelligence to improve clinical diagnosis. We interpret patients’ emotions through facial recognition and provide them with access to their electronic medical record in real time.

Attention anywhere

Docty works with low data consumption, to provide a complete and quality service to patients across the country.

Closeness between doctor and patient

The app is more reliable thanks to the use of technological tools and high fidelity algorithms that facilitate more effective communication during consultations.

Data protection

We comply with high security standards to guarantee safe treatment of the medical information of our users.

Permanent availability

Our professionals are available 24 hours a day to respond to the needs of patients. The offer is personalized and unlimited attention.


Download Docty on your phone to access the most complete telemedicine service in Colombia. A team of qualified healthcare professionals will be available to provide you with comprehensive and enhanced care using artificial intelligence and data analysis.

Symptom monitoring for any discomfort

We provide a symptom tracking service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through artificial intelligence (AI). Patients have a permanent check-up of their health status and can receive safe and accurate medical advice without leaving home.
Enjoy the confidence of having a tool that records your vital signs and allows you to understand your state of health at anytime.

Immediate appointments with general medical professionals and specialists

Our scheduling system is smart and flexible because it uses update information from healthcare professionals time. In this way, we guarantee full coverage of patient demand and the availability of pre-hospital services.
Find the right specialist at the perfect time for your needs. It has a personalized medical service when you need it.

Emotion analysis in real time

We complement patient care with the use of technological tools that allow the recognition and analysis of facial expressions and biological emotions. The information obtained help us to improve the diagnostic capacity and the quality of treatment.
Receive the benefits of data technology put at the service of healthcare. Enjoy this digital advance with the security that your information will be protected.
Close, reliable and safe
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