Docty llegó para revolucionar la atención médica profesional.
The best smart medicine solution arrives in Colombia amid the pandemic

The best smart medicine solution arrives in Colombia amid the pandemic

Docty is the new application that connects doctors and specialists with patients in real time anywhere in the country. Complementing hospital care and strengthening the supply of services in rural populations are its main objectives.

The lack of medicines, the lack of knowledge about basic health care and the great distances between people and medical centers increase the centrality of the health service in Colombia. According to the 2019 National Health Observatory (ONS) report, peasants, farmers and domestic workers do not receive regular care for chronic diseases and are rarely referred to specialists.

Amid the current pandemic, the possibility of contagion turned hospitals into real danger zones. The fear of coronavirus, along with restrictions on mobility, is leading many Colombians to explore alternatives that allow them to take care of their health and receive care at home. The panorama is ideal for patients and doctors to advance towards new forms of interaction that allow health care, optimize the use of time and decongest the care centers. That is the great commitment of Docty, the medical service that arrives to revolutionize medicine in Colombia.

Democratize access to health

The Docty platform offers a series of services that integrate the different health actors to provide a user-centered digital experience. Its creators were inspired by the need to bring medical care closer to vulnerable areas and create a bridge between hospitals and patients.

One of the priorities of this platform is to close the gap in medical care that exists between the countryside and the cities. For this reason, Docty offers the ability to attend all kinds of symptoms with availability 24/7 throughout the national territory, with the highest quality standards for its patients. Of every 10 Colombians, at least 6 have internet access. Thinking about them, Docty offers a telemedicine model with low levels of connectivity (it is available for 2G and 3G networks).

Patients will have a team of 70 general practitioners and specialists available to carry out, in its launch phase, nearly 3,000 daily services through video consultations. The application seeks that with a single click, specialists and professional doctors reach patients in any part of the country.

A comprehensive service for Colombians

One of the innovations that Docty brings to the country is the use of cutting-edge technology to improve the capacity for diagnosis and treatment. Its health innovation program proposes a nearby system, which takes exams at home, gives access to your medical history in real time and consults by video call with doctors and specialists.

Docty seeks to decongest the care centers in the municipalities, which assume 70% of the health costs of their patients, and to provide a close experience in which the doctor has enough time to meet the needs of the user and offers care personalized.

Her health program includes: early detection of breast cancer and alterations in the elderly (+45 years). Preventive care in oral health, as well as in family planning for men and women. Early detection of growth disturbances, development of children under 10 years and development of young people up to 29 years of age. Docty belongs to the new model of Comprehensive Territorial Care (MAITE).

Docty services in the municipalities
Use of artificial intelligence to identify the first symptoms.Timely and orderly assessment of patients in the emergency department 7×24
    Decongestion in the emergency services.Symptom detection for patients with possible Covid-19 infection
Connection with the health service providerVirtual priority consultation service with interactive telemedicine

With this service, Colombia will enter the new era of medical services. The purpose is that, regardless of the location, Colombian patients have the possibility of choosing a nearby, modern and high-quality service. For health professionals, this will also be an opportunity to modernize their services and serve Colombians in the best conditions, thanks to the use of technology.

To access the Docty service, you can download the application here.

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